awkward introductions

tap. tap. tap.
tap. tap.
oh, good, nobody's listening. now I can speak freely.

So I'm Kristi, thanks for visiting this little space I've put together to air my neuroses, exercise my fingers on the keyboard, and one day, maybe far from now but I'm patient, say something brilliant or at least mildly insightful.

I'm a lot of things, most of which I won't bother to list for you here, some of which have been packed away for YEARS and are literally howling and clawing at the edges of my consciousness, begging to be let out and roam my little corner of the world again.

What I can tell you is this:

I'm a mother of two brilliant, but writhing, bundles of "boys" who I delight in raising like "girls" whenever the opportunity presents itself. Just because I can, and because I think they need some perspective and balance in their lives, and because I like to buck the system, and because I'm gender-outnumbered in my household. If this makes you feel all ooky about me, I invite you to click away now. Or keep reading if it floats your boat. I won't abide any nasty, snarky comments, however, so keep those to yourself.

What else about me?

I'm a girl who is working her way into middle age MUCH faster than she's comfortable with. I'm also a PhD program dropout, a derelict who chose staying home with my babies over trying to have it all on the tenure track because I knew (or thought I knew) my limits. So for now my academic brilliance is relegated to the tiny spaces I've allowed it in this blog. When it promises to behave. Or it has something cogent to add to my ramblings.

I'm a Zapatista-lover who never calls anymore, and a woman who is, in a lot of ways, living a life she never thought she'd choose for herself but, well, she did. And I'm happy with that life more than I'm not happy. For now.

I'm just another somebody on the blogosphere trying to make sense of my life (and, let's be honest, other peoples' lives) through writing it all down. Thanks for stopping by.

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